Accounting & Auditing

Business owners and management often view financial statement reporting as necessary only to comply with the requirements of their lenders, investors, shareholders or regulatory agencies. To be successful, clients need to make effective business decisions based on accurate and timely financial information. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive additional value from the preparation or examination of our clients’ financial statements, using the opportunity to provide these services as a way of better understanding our clients’ businesses and being able to provide valuable recommendations for improving management’s use of timely, accurate and customized financial reporting, tax saving techniques, internal accounting controls, and operational success of the business. We have learned that personalized and timely advice we have given to our clients can and often is implemented with meaningful results. We have participated in the onsite AICPA quality review program since inception in 1988, receiving an unqualified opinion each time, and have annual inspections so that we can insure that we provide comprehensive quality control procedures. We regularly and meaningfully provide continuing professional education to our entire professional staff. We employ state of the art computer technology and software, and our in-depth knowledge of business and accounting and our commitment to quality allow us to deliver reliable information in a cost-effective manner for the following accounting services:

  • Audits, Reviews & Compilations
  • Bookkeeping and Controllership Functions
  • Inventory Audits
  • Cash Flow Projections & Budgeting
  • Development of Specialized Financial Reporting
  • Design of Customized Executive Summary Reports
  • 401 (k) and Employee Benefit Plan Audits Required by ERISA