Entertainment & Business Management

We have been providing business management services to high net worth individuals, entertainment and real estate clients for over twenty years. We provide a full spectrum of business management services that center around being incredibly responsive and comprehensive. We assist our business management clients with the formulation of goals, development of strategies, and long-range planning. We work with our clients and provide complete support to their advisors or assist in the referral to an advisor (agent, manager, bankers, lawyers, investment advisors, and insurance agents). We have custom business management software that provides unlimited flexibility in reporting financial results as well as weekly cash balance reporting with complete detail. We never accept referral fees or commissions of any kind from any advisor or investment manager. Services we typically provide include:

  • Weekly cash flow reports by account with a summary of all cash and investment account balances and cash management services.
  • Pay personal and business bills, make deposits, maintain banking relationship and reconcile bank accounts.
  • Bookkeeping services and preparation of customized monthly financial statements
  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Obtain and monitor personal and business insurance including evaluating proper coverage levels
  • Preparation of budgets, forecasts, and projections
  • Long term financial planning including referral to institutional quality investment managers and independent evaluation of investment opportunities.
  • Forensic accounting, royalty audits, fraud detection and prevention services